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  • Sigita Grabliauskaitė is an art glass artist. In 1985 graduated from Vilnius Art Institute, Kaunas Faculty of Applied Art, Glass art specialty. A member of Lithuanian Artists’ Union since 1999, coordinator of Glass, Ceramics, Leather and Textile Arts programme and Head of Glass art studio at Kauno Kolegija/ University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Education Arts Academy, participant of international art glass projects „Vitrum Balticum“, „Glass Age“, „European Glass Context“ (Denmark), etc. In addition to her work in art glass, she works in the field of stained glass, computer graphics, pours watercolors and constantly is involved in symposiums and exhibitions organized by watercolorists.

    Sigita Grabliauskaitė uses hot glass forming technology. Her work is marked by conceptual art glass perception: important aspects turn into improvisation, every time a new, unseen composition is created. Painter exploits still-life genre in glass. Transparent objects connected by optically convex plane give a sense of surrealism to Sigita‘s works. On the other hand, the glass still life seems to have come into contact with the pop art style. The mix of these two extreme trends perfectly matches in the artist‘s works and suggests a viewer: glass transparency, light refraction, nuances of optical illusion – all this is admired by the author and others who are observing her works.

    Sigita Grabliauskaitė participates in exhibitions since 1987. There painter makes compositions of glass and other materials – sand, paper, solve ambiguous topics by assemblage. She has organized twenty personal exhibitions: „Stiklo sala Kauno Santakoje“ (2022), „ATMINTIS x MEMORY“ (2019), „VERTYBĖS XIIX VALUES“ (2019), „MATYMAI I x VISIONS I“ (2018), „STIKLO LOGIKA X LOGIC OF GLASS“ (2016), „Refleksija x Reflexion“ (2015-2016), „Įšalusios spalvos x Frozen Colors“ (2015), „Alsavimas savimi“ (Breathing Yourself) (2015), „Myliu x I Love x Люблю x Amo x Ich liebe“ (2014), „FOR YOU“ (2013), „Sleeping in time“ (2012), „STIKLO TESTAS x GLASS TEST“ (2012-2013), „Watercolors SG 2009-2012“ (2012), „Watercolors– SG“ (2009), „Glass island“ (2008-2009), „Glass way“ (2010), „Delnoženkliai“ (Palmsigns) (2002), „Signs“ (2000) and joint exhibition with Marius Mindaugas Danys „Painting, glass plastics“ (2009). Besides the exhibitions in Lithuania, the artist also participated in exhibitions in Ukraine, France, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Estonia and New Zealand.